A unique way to pack.

Pleased to announce a partnership with Barkeeper & Co.

TrekPak, LLC is pleased to announce a partnership with BarKeeper & Co. TrekPak, the most trusted protection and organizational system is now the exclusive divider system for BarKeeper’s revolutionary BarBag, an all-in-one carrier for bartenders on the go. Developed and founded by professionals in their prospective fields, Craig Krueger, a bartender looking for a mobile bar […]

We’d like to welcome to the team..

Georgia Hoyer, Founder and President at TrekPak is announcing the addition of Alane Urban, COO and co-owner. Alane brings years of business experience in building companies working in the areas of strategic business planning, B2B relationships, sales, leadership, budgeting, forecasting, technology and process improvements. For the past 16 years, Alane held executive roles at Center […]

Welcome to the team, Spudley!

To stay on top of all the love landing in our email inboxes, we felt it was time to expand and bring on a bit of extra help! We’d like to warmly welcome our newest member.. Spudley! Exclusively handling ‘client happiness’, don’t be surprised if he drops in a little humor or sends an email […]

Shipment delay: Our apologies.

Oh behalf of myself and the team here at TrekPak.. We would like to apologize for our recent backorder and shipment delays over the past few weeks.We take great pride serving top professionals around the world, and one thing we will never do is compromise the quality of customer service or products. This is our […]

Reviewed by You: Chris Weatherly Photography

As a company driving sales solely on word of mouth marketing, nothing puts a bigger smile on our face than receiving an email letting us know you took the time to review your TrekPak! Add a couple images and we’re giddy. In an industry where the words “job security” can be more appropriately translated to “gear protection”, honest […]

TrekPak Ambassadors: Dan and Alex McClanahan

As we develop the TrekPak brand, we will be partnering with talented individuals within our markets that portray the creative, inspiring, and adventurous personality of TrekPak. These people will be known as TrekPak Ambassadors and we will introduce them and share what they are doing through our blog. We start this adventure with a young […]

GoPro: Protected, Organized, Professional.

Small, portable, can mount to anything, and record amazing video and images… GoPro’s seriously rock. So much so that respected cinematographers are reaching into their bags for a GoPro over DSLR’s or cine-rigs! So instead of hitting the trail, beach, or sky with your GoPro setup tangled in a bag, take a look at TrekPak’s […]

Pelican 1510 case front view

Under Your Lid: Pelican 1510

We love when TrekPak users send us images of outfitted cases! For the past 8 weeks, Pelican 1510’s have been flying out our doors. We wanted to take some time and showcase a few of our favorite setups sent in by fellow TrekPak users! Is your case or bag outfitted? Shoot a watermarked image to […]

TrekPak organizational insert for Pelican case. converted to hold laptop and accessories

TrekPak in the Wild!

Its been a long journey, but people around the world are now getting their hands on TrekPak for the very first time. Its exciting to watch as people post pictures of their custom layouts, and we’ve got some serious gear envy going on! Monty Rakusen in the UK tweeted some images that really caught our […]

TrekPak funded with Kickstarter

When Kickstarters Fail

We wanted to share with you an article by Matt Smith at which we recently contributed to. Prior to March 2012 we had no idea what Kickstarter was, so it has been an interesting journey for us learning the ins and outs of this unique funding concept! We are proud to be one of the few […]