GoPro: Protected, Organized, Professional.

Small, portable, can mount to anything, and record amazing video and images… GoPro’s seriously rock. So much so that respected cinematographers are reaching into their bags for a GoPro over DSLR’s or cine-rigs! So instead of hitting the trail, beach, or sky with your GoPro setup tangled in a bag, take a look at TrekPak’s new GoPro SPECIFIC insert!

TrekPak with the Pelican 1150 Case

The Pelican 1150 with TrekPak insert will hold one or two GoPro Cameras, a variety of mounts, an SD card case, and a small tabletop tripod.

Pelican 1150 Case with TrekPak insert

Pelican 1150 Case with TrekPak insert and what GoPro equipment it will hold

GoPro camera in TrekPak Pelican 1150 Case

TrekPak with the Pelican 1400 Case

The Pelican 1400 case with TrekPak insert will easily hold three GoPro cameras, a variety of mounts including large suction cup, a table top tripod, backup hard drive, and SD card case.

Pelican 1400 case with TrekPak insert. What GoPro will fit


Pelican 1400 Case with TrekPak insert holding GoPro camera