Shipment delay: Our apologies.

Oh behalf of myself and the team here at TrekPak..

We would like to apologize for our recent backorder and shipment delays over the past few weeks.We take great pride serving top professionals around the world, and one thing we will never do is compromise the quality of customer service or products. This is our highest priority to produce products made here in the USA, and will continue to build TrekPak products you can depend on. Like you, we are consumers, and understand you rely on our system to protect and store your most important equipment. More so we understand the frustration our shipment delays cause you, and reassure you we are equally as frustrated.

Lately, we have experienced uncharacteristic hiccups with a key player in our supply chain which disrupted our normal delivery schedule. We are currently working hand in hand with this partnered company to speed up the delay and ship the same high quality product you expect and deserve. Based on this delay, I unfortunately have to place an additional 1 week delay on shipment of all orders.

To serve you better, our team will be communicating more through frequent updates to your online TrekPak account. In addition to the 15% off coupon for future orders, we will be crediting 15% back to your existing order. I apologize and understand if this delay forces you to adjust your order, and thank you for your professionalism while working with my team.

Your support has allowed TrekPak to grow past Kickstarter, and as we approach our 1st birthday we look forward to working out more of the kinks to serve you better!

Georgia • President • TrekPak