A unique way to pack.

TrekPak prototype in Pelican 1500 case with Scuba underwater photography camera, GoPro, binoculars, Olympus camera

Prototype IV in the Galapagos!

Shortly after the conception of TrekPak back in February 2012, we carefully selected professionals in various industries around the country to beta test our insert system. Feedback from people who we knew would put the system through the ringer would answer if we’d created something useful, durable enough to protect extremely expensive and sensitive equipment, […]

TrekPak pins with pull tabs

All About the Pins

Since we’ve had many questions about the pins TrekPak uses for securing the dividers, here’s a little more information on how they work and what they’re all about: Do the pins fall out? Nope. The pins are sized precisely to fit snugly in the holes, pulling and compressing the dividers together when inserted. Also, when the bag or case […]

TrekPak organizational insert writeup in PDN magazine July 2012

Photo District News Magazine

We are excited to announce TrekPak has been named PDN Magazine’s “Object of Desire” in the July 2012 issue! It is such an honor to see TrekPak printed in a publication that has been a staple on the coffee table for many years. We continue to be amazed by the support within our industry, and […]

popular photography write up website TrekPak

Popular Photography Magazine

I wish someone was there to take a photo of my face the minute I read an email that said, “Hey, TrekPak is front page on”… I’m sure my mouth about hit the floor! As a professional photographer by trade, the idea of our pet project being front and center in a magazine that was […]

Gizmodo TreKPak writeup better camera bag padding eliminates annoying velcro


When Gizmodo picked up our story, I don’t think any of us knew what to say! Speechless pretty much sums it up. Knowing the following that Gizmodo has, it was then that we knew our fun TrekPak project was becoming more than even we had envisioned. We can’t thank Gizmodo enough for seeing TrekPak for […]

B&H Pulse weekly news roundup TrekPak kickstarter

B&H Pulse

Since my real job sends me to B&H on a regular basis where I spend way too much money, I was beyond excited to see that Chris Gampat threw TrekPak onto the Weekly News Roundup! Especially considering at that point we had only been online for a week and were still in the product prototyping […]

Oh Gizmo! TrekPak insert does away with Velcro, could be gearhead's best friend

Oh, Gizmo!

A few days into TrekPak being launched on kickstarter, Oh, Gizmo! ran a review of our project! Having read Oh, Gizmo! ourselves, we were ecstatic that TrekPak got a little bit of love from a blog we love to read! Thank you to the whole team for giving us the opportunity to appear on your […]

TrekPak organizes camera gear with innovative storage system


Chris Weiss over at Gizmag was the first to pick up TrekPak. Within hours of launching the project, Gizmag had run a feature article showing off the major selling points of our product! Huge thank you to Chris and Gizmag for finding our project so early on and taking the time to give us your […]

Petapixel TrekPAk camera bag insert adjusts with pins rather than velcro


PetaPixel did a sweet review of our kickstarter project! Thank you to the crew there for spreading the word so early on! Click here for the full review: PetaPixel Reivew